Dear Parent’s And Student’s

My constant belief has always been that those who find pleasure in diligent, dedicated and disciplined life reap a bountiful harvest in the form of divine satisfaction. It has been my constant effort to steer my teachers and students in this direction which I find most rewarding. My emphasis is upon this holistic development of a child by fostering a synergic blend between scholastic and co- scholastic achievements and a host of co-curricular and extra curricula activities which find a rightful place in the curriculum. As teachers we will deal with individual differences in order to make learning easier.
Parents need to devote quality time with their wards. As parents, we need you to develop a close rapport with the school & the teachers, in order to smoothen the ups & downs in the child’s development. Let us all contribute to the all-round development of the child & be enriched with learning experiences.
With Best Wishes.


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